Hey Helen! – Virtual Assistant

Your go-to VA for sensitive and empathic mental health and well-being practitioners

Taking care of your admin with tailored and flexible administration support so that you can achieve the client focus, time freedom and work-life integration that’s most important to you.

Are you skipping lunch to get things done?

Emailing until late in the evening?

Thinking twice before doing anything for yourself?

Your admin has developed as your business has. Keeping on top of this and the processes of a business like yours is hard. Especially when your focus is on providing an amazing service for your clients.

How would it feel to restore some work life balance, be able to focus on your zone of genius and the life you envisioned for yourself and your family? Well, you can with the tailored and flexible administration support you’d get from Hey Helen!

 My promise to you:

Hi I’m Helen of ‘Hey Helen!’ – Virtual Assistance. The reason I do my work today is because too many mental health & well-being practitioners are struggling to achieve the full client focus, time freedom and work life integration they badly seek.  So I help by supporting their administration, research, organisational tasks & social media presence, leaving you free to concentrate on your passion and zone of genius and live the life you envisioned for yourself and your family.

Helen is skilled, reliable and very intuitive, so she tends to know what you need even if you haven’t realised you do. She is good at relationships, working with all sorts of people and genuinely wants to help, it’s not just a job. It’s easy to like her and that makes everything else go well and straight-forwardly.
Barbara Allen-Williams

Founder of the National Centre For High Sensitivity