Hey Helen! 

Mission Statement:


As a Virtual Assistant my mission is to help sensitive or empathic soloprenurial women who care for others’ wellbeing & mental health to achieve a better work, life, family integration, manage overwhelm and get back to the main focus of their business that they love, the very reason they started their business in the first place.

I do this by supporting their admin, research, social media and organisational tasks leaving them free to focus on where their true genius lies. No task is too small. In me they have another heart on their business.


What do I love about being a VA?


Because I have a passion for being of service, for contributing to ‘behind the scenes’ so that the ‘scenes’ can shine and do their very best job out in the world. 

Highly sensitive and empathic clients? 

I am, myself, a Highly Sensitive and empathic person and know what it is to live that in a non-sensitive world.

In addition . . .


Mental health is SUCH an important area of life, especially in our times now. I know, from experience, that mental health left undealt with can become physical ill health.

If we all took our mental health seriously and saw working with a counsellor, therapist or coach as being AS important as a doctor when we are ill THIS would, indeed, help the overcrowding of the NHS. Counselling, therapy, coaching and any person-centred therapy or personal growth paths are preventative. 

Do I blog?


I do. Because I am an advocate for mental health I often blog about this and related issues. Working with mental health is helping people to be the best they can be, both individually and within the communities of which they are a part. 

And what NEXT? 

I have been a teacher for many years and I see the need I am also working towards offering parent and teacher support for children and young adults with learning disabilities. This would take the form of bespoke resource creation and coaching.  

Watch this space for information!

How do I work?

Your administration, research, social media or organisational needs met & taken off your hands.


Whether you prefer to message, call or skype I am happy to meet you in your preferred mode of contact and/or general communication.

As every business and business owner is unique I will work with you to identify the tasks that take your time and that you are comfortable letting go of.

Maybe you already know what you need, in any case I take things at your pace and my time packages are tailored to your requirements so that you will not be paying for any tasks you don’t need.

I will provide you with regular progress reports and updates in order that you feel as ‘on top of things’ as if you were doing them yourself.

What next?

Call Hey Helen!

If any of the above makes you ‘I need to call ‘Hey Helen!’ then take the first step and book a free consultation with me now by filling out the form below. Once I’ve received your requirements we can arrange a time and the most comfortable mode of communication for you: email, messenger, phone, skype.

I always say everyone needs a Helen App!

Rebecca Hosking

Grammy considered Singer Songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee

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