About Me – and you…

Most people know me as Helen of Hey Helen! Virtual Assistance.

What you may not know about me is that before I started my business, I was struggling with the overwhelm of wearing too many hats, spinning too many plates, juggling too many balls.

I was teaching a full timetable, overseeing a group that had no tutor and needed specialised help, deputy conducting a vocal competition chorus & acting as a carer for someone close who subsequently passed away. I was overwhelmed, exhausted & had no more words with which to ask for the outsourcing & delegation help I so badly needed.

I was never great at asking for help at the best of times, preferring to do everything myself. But now I recognised that it was the only way if I was to get my head back above water.

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s just not possible to go on doing everything on my own, that some tasks, much as I enjoyed them, were overwhelming me & taking me away from the time I needed to be focused in my own zone of genius.

Now I am living life on my own terms, have achieved the full client focus, time freedom & work-life integration I was so badly seeking.

This is why I do what I do. Too many mental health & well-being practitioners are struggling to achieve the full client focus, time freedom, and work-life integration they badly seek.  So I help them by supporting their admin, research, organisational tasks, and social media presence so they can concentrate on their passion & zone of genius & live the life they envisioned for themselves & their family.

About YOU

You started your business…

…because you wanted to help people work through their mental health and well-being issues as well as to be there for your young growing family. You’ve done so well and already helped so many. But now you’re on the second stage of your business where you not only have a full client list, but you have a waiting list as well as lots of new ideas for things you want your service to offer. And with that you’re having to come to terms with exactly how much admin, research, organisational tasks, proofreading, and content creation needs to be done behind the scenes to match that growth and development.

You’re spending an increasing amount of time in front of a computer, which is not only having an impact on the number of clients that you can see but it’s also eating into your evenings and weekends.

Imagine being able to gain back 2-10 hours a week! Gaining back 2-10 hours a week by delegating the routine important tasks to someone you trust, knowing your standards will be upheld, will allow you to concentrate on time in your true zone of genius and on the things that really matter, that only you can do.

That’s where Hey Helen! – Virtual Assistance can help

Work with me

Why would you choose me? What sets me apart from others?


My years of living in multi-cultural life sharing communities, teaching abroad and teaching both people with learning disabilities and without, as well as being a creative artist has given me qualities that are unique.

I am consistent, flexible, fit into different environments and easily adapt to new situations. I am innovative and creative in information sourcing, solution finding and problem solving.

I like to think that in me you would have a second heart beating for your business.

Helen has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Her customer care is equally excellent, both on the telephone and in face-to-face contact. She has good project management skills, an eye for detail & sees things through to their final completion. She is a great person to work with, is very conscientious and can always be relied upon to do her very best and at a high standard.

Cristina D'Agostino

Biographical Counsellor