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How can I help?

I can help:


Advertise your gigs/events & merchandise across all social
media platforms.

Regularly request you on different radio stations & shows.

Take part in show’s ‘chat’ during the shows on your behalf.

Liaise with radio DJ’s re: new music you want them to play.

Researching new radio shows and making the contact.

Networking in the radio community.

Support with travel arrangements when touring.

Management of your social media pages including fan groups.

Regular content posts re: your achievements, mentions, air

Diary management.

Keeping track of your performances for registration with ASCAP.

Ok, so you know when you’re in a big city like London and you have a big meeting to get to and it takes a bus and 3 trains to get there and you are transport impaired? Well THAT!!! Luckily I have a Hey Helen (Bawden) app that get’s me from point A to point B on time where the interview was then awesome. CMR Nashville, will air one week from Saturday, my Helen app will also be sure to make sure you know all the information on how and when to tune in!!!! Thank you CHICA, could not have done today without you!!

Rebecca Hosking

Grammy considered Singer Songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee