Counsellors, Course Facilitators

* Typing up client notes

* Research tasks

* Support in typing up course materials

* Travel research and planning

* Liaising with venues

* Keeping track of course participant numbers & requirements

I worked with Helen Bawden in her role as the short & summer course co-ordinator at Emerson College, a multi-national college, where she took responsibility for all the admin and organisational tasks of the courses and the different working teams within the college and to an exceptionally high standard.

She was thorough and conscientious. Each person was acknowleged as individuals with their own needs and requirements which she made sure was fulfilled in order that they have the best experience they could have whilst at the college. She was a friendly, warm and confidence inspiring first person to meet and she remained available and present throughout the duration of the participants stay.

Thank you Helen, you made myself and my students feel right at home and they have never stopped talking about you or their experience there!

Margaret Willis

Course Facilitator, Eppingdon College

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