FAQs –

Why outsource to a VA?

What are the benefits of outsourcing to a VA?


You only pay for the support your business needs.

The VA works only when you need it allowing you not to have to pay for a full or part-time member of staff with all the overheads & space needs this requires.

They can help you deal with the times when your business may be extra busy or you need cover for employees on holiday, maternity or sick leave.

You do not have to provide a working space or any equipment for me. I have my own.

If you use your VA on a regular basis they get to know your business which supports continuity and can even be a sounding board or offer advice if needed. I would be someone else who cares about your business.

Whether your business requires only a few hours a day, week or month .. your VA can help.

As a VA I am very proud of my business so you are guaranteed that you will get my very best.

Why might YOU benefit from a VA?

Are you a self-employed consultant who struggles with the time it takes to complete essential but non-income generating tasks? Give them to a VA.

Are you a hard working counsellor who feels that every minute spent on admin tasks is time not supporting your clients? Give them to a VA.

Are you a busy trainer juggling course content with workshop materials, registration processes, questions and confirmations? Give some of that to a VA.

Are you a sole trader or small business owner who feels that you are just spending too many hours on tasks that take you away from the further growing of your business or engaging with the parts that you love? Give them to a VA.

Do you need help in your back office but don’t want to employ additional full or part time staff? Ask a VA.

Do you wish you didn’t have to answer all the queries that often lead nowhere yourself? Would you rather meet the customer at the point of sale? Ask a VA to be that person.

Do you have, or wish you had, social media presence but find that you just don’t have the time needed to keep it updated and active? Ask a VA to do it.

Are you an independent artist that needs support with their social media advertising, fan group management or radio presence? Do you need help with travel, accommodation, research for your tour? Don’t just give it to a VA ask ‘Hey Helen!’

For all of these and more don’t just ask a VA message/call ‘Hey Helen!’

It does not matter where in the world you are or I am … all you need do is call ‘Hey Helen!’ and I am right there.



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