‘Hey Helen!’ Launches!


Today, after 18 months planning & preparation I am very excited to be officially launching ‘Hey Helen!’ my Virtual Assistant business! 

The Helen App was coined as a phrase by Grammy considered artist Rebecca Hosking for whom I was a virtual PA. All she had to do was message ‘Hey Helen!’ and a train journey was charted, even followed; a taxi was called to get her from a gig venue to her accommodation; the latest gig, radio interview or song play was advertised; one post and her support group instantly updated on where she could be found whether in person or online. ‘Hey Helen!’ was all it took and the task was done. Radio DJ’s everywhere mentioned the Helen App & it’s efficiency. It always made us smile! 

Having been a teacher for over 40 years and run a busy short & summer course programme for a multi-cultural college it felt time to bring all the many skills involved in all three experiences to create a business that would serve as many different people as found their way to me. In the last 5 or 6 years I discovered that I was both what is termed a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’ as written about at length by psychologist & author Elaine Aron and an empath which explained a lot but mostly about how that had allowed to become that best teacher, communicator, people person I could be. I know first hand about overwhelm, about what happens when I have too many deadlines to meet at once, when I am struggling with the overstimulation of a lot of sensory impressions. For this reason I wanted to include solo sensitive and empathic business women in profile of ‘ideal client’ to support.


But, in any case, I have already discovered that the people wo are meant to find you DO find you. I am extremely blessed to be starting with three amazing clients who are all clearly in my ‘tribe. So the business has begun and I am extremely passionate about its birth, growth and development, that it can become all I envisage it can become and make a positive contribution to the people and businesses it is meant to find and serve. 

As Kahli Gibran says in his book ‘The Prophet’ … “Work is love in action”.