Hey Helen!
–  Helen Bawden

Virtual Assistant

Is this you?

Does it feel as if there are just too many hats to wear, too many plates to keep spinning, too many balls in the air and just not enough hands to catch them all?

Do you feel bogged down by those relentless everyday tasks that need to be done?

Do you find yourself getting het up when you’ve got too much to do in a short amount of a time?

Hey Helen! Virtual Assistant can help you …

My name is Helen Bawden. Welcome to my website. As a virtual assistant I enjoy helping solo sensitive and empathetic entrepreneurial women to achieve a better work/life integration, manage overwhelm and get back to the aspects of their business that they love by supporting their admin, research, social media & organisational needs.
Helen is skilled, reliable and very intuitive, so she tends to know what you need even if you haven’t realised you do. She is good at relationships, working with all sorts of people and genuinely wants to help, it’s not just a job. It’s easy to like her and that makes everything else go well and straight-forwardly.
Barbara Allen-Williams

Founder of the National Centre For High Sensitivity