As an exercise in one of my business groups it was suggested that we post on our facebook pages & ask people who knew us personally to say three words that they think of when they think of us. These are the words that came up for me, many repeated over & over.

Helen is skilled, reliable and very intuitive, so she tends to know what you need even if you haven’t realised you do. She is good at relationships, working with all sorts of people and genuinely wants to help, it’s not just a job. It’s easy to like her and that makes everything else go well and straight-forwardly.
Barbara Allen-Williams

Founder of the National Centre For High Sensitivity

Ok, so you know when you’re in a big city like London and you have a big meeting to get to and it takes a bus and 3 trains to get there and you are transport impaired? Well THAT!!! Luckily I have a Hey Helen (Bawden) app that get’s me from point A to point B on time where the interview was then awesome. CMR Nashville, will air one week from Saturday, my Helen app will also be sure to make sure you know all the information on how and when to tune in!!!! Thank you CHICA, could not have done today without you!!
Rebecca Hosking

Grammy Considered Singer Songwriter, Nashville, Tennessee, Independent Artist

I couldn’t recommend Helen more as a VA. She is so extremely conscientious, passionate and caring. She’s an incredible writer, who any business owner would be lucky to work with. Her social media knowledge is incredible and I’ve been privileged to read many of her fantastic work. Helen is incredibly organised and managed to balance and make everything work efficiently and effectively never letting anyone down. She’s incredible at researching and not scared to take on new challenges. An incredible lady! If looking for a VA, you need Hey Helen aka Helen Bawden.
Serena Edwards

Calm Waters Counselling

I have just started working with Helen Bawden of Hey Helen! and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! She is great to meet as a person – first on messenger then on the phone – putting me at ease immediately. She helped me figure out what I most needed her for and we made a plan. She was fantastic, keeping me informed along the way and then delivering exactly when and how we planned she would. She is a keeper! Definitely!
Chris Barnfield

Learning Disability Co-ordinator, New Horizons

Helen has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Her customer care is equally excellent, both on the telephone and in face-to-face contact. She has good project management skills, an eye for detail & sees things through to their final completion. She is a great person to work with, is very conscientious and can always be relied upon to do her very best and at a high standard.

Cristina D'Agostino

Finance Administrator / Counsellor, Emerson College

I worked with Helen Bawden in her role as the short & summer course co-ordinator at Emerson College, a multi-national college, where she took responsibility for all the admin and organisational tasks of the courses and the different working teams within the college and to an exceptionally high standard.

She was thorough and conscientious. Each person was acknowleged as individuals with their own needs and requirements which she made sure was fulfilled in order that they have the best experience they could have whilst at the college. She was a friendly, warm and confidence inspiring first person to meet and she remained available and present throughout the duration of the participants stay.

Thank you Helen, you made myself and my students feel right at home and they have never stopped talking about you or their experience there!

Margaret Willis

Course Facilitator, Eppingdon College

Helen’s calm and competent nature quickly diffused the most challenging and frustrated of customers. She had genuine care and concern for those she dealt with and always went the extra mile for those who needed it which included customers and colleagues alike.

Teresa Hunt

Senir Housing Needs Officer, Torbay Council

I always say everyone needs a Helen App!

Rebecca Hosking

Grammy Considered Singer Songwriter, Nashville Tennessee, Independent Artist

One of the things that always impressed me about Helen was that she always took responsibility not only for her own work but for her own learning and development. Anything she was asked to do, if she was not sure how to do it (for example she was asked to create a Housing Services Newsletter for the department) she arranged appropriate training for herself and did it. When she brought to light any problems or issues within the office’s performance, processes or procedures she always came armed with proposed solutions.

Dawn Wilson

Housing Services (Customer Focus), Torbay Council

Helen, AKA Hey Helen! is awesome! I had a last minute emergency, a job that had to be done to a deadline but was unable to do myself. I contacted Helen and she was immediately responsive, quickly understood what was needed, did a fantastic job and completed with time to spare. Whether you want regular help or have an emergency she delivers. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Elena Bradley

Virtual Assistant

Helen was called in to set up and manage our busy reception which she did extremely well putting in place processes that ensured the smooth running of an appointment, booking and signposting system. She was kind and compassionate to all who came seeking for help and support, was reliable, honest and trustworthy. Once everything was designed, in place and working effectively she then trained up a receptionist who took on the task . In this she showed her ability to lead and share information. Her cheerful positive smile and attitude were very missed!

Vijay Siroh

Housing Needs Manager, Torbay Council

Helen Bawden I want to thank you for everything you do for me on top of your already busy schedule. I do not know what I would do without you. Because of good efforts and so much you do this trip has been such an amazing success and I am looking forward to do much more. You are a true angel on earth, I do not deserve you, but I am happy and honored that you care so selflessly, not just for me but for so many!

Rebecca Hosking

Singer, Songwriter from nashville, Tennessee